ABC Hospital, No. 1 Malligai Salai, Annamalai Nagar Main Rd, Tirchy, Tamil Nadu 620018.

Prof. DR. M. A. ALEEM M.D., D.M.,
Director & Neurologist, ABC Hospital, Trichy.
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Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem is the

  • 1st Doctor from Thuvarankurichy village 1975.
  • 1st MD from Thuvarankurichy 1986.
  • 1st Neurologist from Thuvarankurichy 1999.
  • 1st person published article in JAPI in Trichy District 1991.
  • 1st person published article in Lancet BMJ in Trichy district 2003, 2001.
  • 1st person published article in journal of Neurological science in Trichy 2005.
  • 1st person presented paper in world congress of Neurology from Trichy 2001.
  • 1st person published in Epilepsia from Trichy 2005.
  • 1st person Got WFN Fellowship from Trichy 2001.
  • 1st person trained at Queens Square as IAN candidate from Trichy 2001.
  • 1st person published article in AIAN form Trichy 1998.
  • 1st person published article in Neurology India 1997.
  • 1st person who write review article in review of Neurology and NSI CME book from Trichy 2000, 1999.
  • 1st person who attended 7 WCN 4 EAN 3 Epilepsy congress 3 AOCN congress from Trichy.
  • 1st person who started Neurology department at KAPGMC 2007.
  • 1st person professor, HOD of Neurology department KAPGMC2007.
  • 1st vice principal of KAPGMC for super speciality side 2010 at Trichy.
  • 1st Dean in charge from super speciality side at KAPVGMC 2000at Trichy.
  • 1st person who got district collector appreciation award form district collector 1989 for rural health service.
  • 1st Govt doctor who got TN MGR university Best Doctor award from Trichy 2012.
  • 1st person who become National advisory board member to JAPI from Trichy 2002 - 2009.
  • 1st person who got API fellowship from Trichy 2003.
  • 1st person in Indian Hypertension, Guidelines book review from southern TN 2007.
  • 1st person AS EC member in IAN from southern TN v2002 - 2005.
  • 1st person as EC member in NSI from southern TN 2008 - 2012.
  • 1st person as EC member in HSI from southern TN 2001 - 2003.
  • 1st person as EC member in ISCPT from southern TN 1996 - 1998.
  • 1st Vice president of TAN from Trichy 2016.
  • 1st president of TAN from Trichy 2017.
  • 1st person presented papers in WCN, world stoke congress, epilepsy congress, AOCN, AOEC from Trichy.
  • 1st person initiated award in the name of neurologist association of Trichy with Rs. 20/- lakhs - IAN in 2018.
  • 1st person published book for neurological disorders in Tamil from Trichy 2002.
  • 1st person organized IANCON in 2nd Tier city at Trichy 2010.
  • 1st person organized state level TANCON 2016 at Trichy.
  • 1st Reviewer for Indian council of Medical research at Trichy 2003.
  • 1st Appointed as Emeritus Professor From Trichy Neurology Field at the Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University in 2018.
  • 1st Neurologist Nominated as Trichy District Welfare Found Committee Life Member 2017.
  • 1st Neurologist honoured by Tiruchirappalli district collector for Dr Aleem's Indian Government prime minister MODI's #SwachhBharat activities in Trichy district 2017
  • 1st Neurologist Appointed as Trustee to age old Trichy Natharvali Dargah from2.11.2018 for 3 years
  • Dr Aleem 1st neurologist was awarded 1st prize for his suggestions of Trichy SMART CITY by the Tiruchirappalli city Corporation in 2015
  • Dr Aleem 1st neurologist awarded for his our Prime Minister Modi ' s SWACHH BHARAT activities by Tiruchirappalli district collector in 2017.
  • Dr Aleem 1st neurologist is awarded with KALAM Award for Quality of life improvement by South Zone Board if Continuing Education Ozone on 18.11.2018.
  • 1st Neurologist Dr Aleem has given C.K.Swamy Oration on "Medical Education in TamilProblems and Solutions " at St. Josaph College Trichy on 27.11.2018 organised by its Tamil Research Department.
  • Dr M.A.Aleem 1st Neurologist appointed as Advisory Committee Member for the Tiruchirappalli International Airport by Airport Authority of India Director Tiruchirappalli International Airport on 10.12.2018
  • Dr.M.A.Aleem first Neurologist Trichy has given an Invited Lecture Medical (Neurological Views) Facts in The Holy Quran" at international Islam and Science Conference at Jamal Mohamed College on 21.1.2019 at Trichy Tamilnadu India.
  • Dr. M.A.Aleem first Neurologist Trichy Tamilnadu is Nominated as Brand Ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission by The Tiruchirappalli City Corporation of Goverment of Tamilnadu India at 70th Republic day on 26.1.2019
  • 1st Neurologist nominated as executive Committee member for tha Tiruchirappall District minority welfare Committee under the chairmanship of Tiruchirappalli District Collector April 2019.
  • Dr Aleem the first Neurologist who awarded Fellow of Indian Academy of Neurology in 2019 by our National neurology body Indian Academy of Neurology in 2019 October 4th Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem Emeritus Professor of Neurology and Former HoD and Professor of Neurology KAPV Government Medical College Trichy has been elected as Fellow of Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) Glasgow United Kingdom 5.11.2019 first Neurologist from central region of Tamilnadu India
  • World Health Organisation- WHO Awarded Super Hero Certificate to M.A.Aleem first Neurologist from Trichy central region of Tamilnadu India who got this honor for pledging to fight against Antimicrobial Resistance in this World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019 November 18 - 24.
  • He is the first Neurologist become Great Patron of Tiruchirappalli District central Library from 13.11.2019
  • Dr.M.A.Aleem 1st Neurologist has given invited guest Lecture at 52nd National Library week function on "Menstrual health and Bad Touch awareness for Autistic Female children " at Tiruchirappalli District Central Library on 18.11.2019
  • Dr. Aleem a first Neurologist is an Assistant Secretary in Olirum Trichy a Foundation working for the development of Trichy 26.11.2019
  • 1st Neurologist Dr Aleem has given the Keynote address at 22nd Jamal Mohamed college Alumni Kuwait Chapter on 29.11.2019.
  • M.A.Aleem first Neurologist Trichy is Honoured with State Level Achievers Award during by the MMC Institute of Neurology celebration of Golden Jubilee 50years of Neurology in Tamilnadu at chennai on 13.12.2019.
  • M.A.Aleem as for first time hoisted the National Flag at Natharsha Dargha as Trustee in 73rd Republic day on 26.1.2020
  • M.A.Aleem 1st Neurologist Trichy Tamilnadu met our Vice President of India His Excellency Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu at Trichy and present my new book on Headache and got blessing from him 10.1.2020
  • M.A.Aleem first Neurologist Trichy Tamilnadu India Received the World Health Organisation (WHO) Record Of Achievement to support country Preparedness and Response to COVID-19 On 28.3.2020
  • MMC Institute of Neurology celebrating Golden Jubilee 50years of Neurology in #Tamilnadu #India and Honouring #Achievers in #neurology on 13.12.2019 - M.A.Aleem #Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India With prayer and happy received the honour of acheiver from the legend Zaheer Ahmed Syed in the presence of Legends G.Arjundas K.srinivasan C.u.Velmurugandran from #TamilNadu neurology at Mileep Chennai on 13.12.19 Thank AVS sir Bhanu madam and vasudavan -
  • M.A.Aleem #Trichy Given a talk on Health and Quran after Jumma at Kuwait Tamil islamic Sangam and honoured by that on 29.11.2019
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India has delivered the key note Address on Brain and Mind Health at 22nd JMC Alumni Kuwait Chapter on 29.11.2019. OlirumTrichy Olirum Trichy A Foundation launched on 26.11.2019 at #Trichy to develop our #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India in all fronts News in Trichy #Dinamalar - M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India
  • Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem Neurologist Trichy #Tamilnadu Emeritus Professor of Neurology and Former HoD and Prof. of Neurology KAPV Govt. Medical College #Trichy has been elected as Fellow of Royal College of Physicians #FRCP (Glasgow) UK - News The New Indian Express Trichy on 21.11.19
  • M. A. Aleem, member of the Advisory Committee of Tiruchirappalli International Airport thanking tha central and state government for Trichy airport development and appealed at AAC meeting to name the Trichy international airport after Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman from Tiruchirappalli Tiruvanaikoil - News in Tamil Hindu on 10.11.2019
  • M.A.Aleem Tiruchi neurologist to present paper at Dubai meet in The Trichy The Hindu on
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #IndiaPresented a paper on #epilepsy titled " A Study Of #Seizures In #Rural #Adolescences From Trichy Tamilnadu Southern India in 24th World Congress of Neurology Dubai News in #Tiruchi The Hindu on 30.10.2019 @the_hindu
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India conferred Fellow of indian academy of neurology at 27th Annual conference of Indian Academy of neurology on 3.10.2019 at Hydrabad by IAN President in the presence of IAN Secretary Gagandeepsing Dr Vinod Paul Member Niti Ayog Dr William Carroll President World Federation of Neurology Dr.B. BhaskarRao attended as guest of honor
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India Emeritus Professor of Neurology Honoured at TANCON 2019 after lecture on #Epilepsy "Antiepileptics in Pregnancy "at Mamallapuram on 20.7.2019
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India Former Vice Principal HOD&professor of neurology KAPV Medical college Trichy is awarded with Fellowship by the India Academy of Neurology(IAN) for the year 2019 - news in the Trichy New Indian Express on 2.8.2019 @NewIndianXpres Free neurological related TeleConsultation by Trichy senior Neurologist Neurologist
  • Dr.M.A.Aleem has been carried our from 16.4.2020 to 3.5.2020 during the lockdown period. About 1214 people by making calls and about 1043 persons by communicating through messages in total about 2257 persons all states in India and from overseas are benefited for their neurological problems from M.A.Aleem through his TeleConsultation News in The New Indian Express Trichy on 4.5.2020
  • M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India has given a talk on "#COVID19 And #Mentalhealth " through a Virtual meeting organised by The Kuwait Tamil Association Federation (TAF) on 22.8.20 to mark the Muslim New year #hijrinewyear 1442 during the #COVID19Pandemic
  • Talk on "#COVID19: Prevention tips to Students" by M.A.Aleem Former Vice Principal KAPV Goverment Medical College #Trichy in the Meet Your Medical Expert Program at Anna Science Centre-Planetarium Trichy on 20.10.20 - News in The New Indian Express @NewIndianXpress on 21.10.20
  • #coronawarriors Award to #Trichy Doctors News in Trichy The Hindu @the_hindu on 21.12.2020- M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India
  • Lions Clubs International Tiruchirappalli Rockfort Inspire on 19.12.2020 Awarded "COVID-19 Warrior Award" to Dr.M.A.Aleem Former Vice Principal HOD and Professor of Neurology KAPV Government Medical College Trichy Tamilnadu India in recognition of his COVID-19 related Awareness Activities and Free Tele-consultation during Lockdown Period during the Current COVID-19 Pandemic. Director "Savai" Govindaraj presented the award in the presence of Charter President Ln. M.Natarajan , Secretary Ln Lr. S. Murugasan and Poet Nandalala and KAPVGMC Dean M. Vanitha and Siddha District Officer S.Kamaraj.
  • WHO certified confirmation of Participation and Record of Achievement M.A.Aleem Neurologist #Trichy #Tamilnadu #India under Health Emergency Program for the course on Clinical Management of Patients With COVID-19 - Rehabilitation of Patients with COVID-19 on February 28, 2021
  • Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem first #Neurologist #SwachhBharat Ambassador Trichy received the " MARUTHUVA NATCHATIRAM" Best Doctor Award from Ma.Subramanian @Subramanian_ma Health Minister of Tamilnadu on the Eve of DOCTOR 's DAY 2021 at Chennai Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University by The Hindu Tamil, Tamilnadu State Indian Medical Association, Limra Overseas Education ,GRT Gold Jwellary and Dettol Dettol Swachh Project on 31.07.2021

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