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Prof. DR. M. A. ALEEM M.D., D.M.,
Director & Neurologist, ABC Hospital, Trichy.
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Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem is having the research experience from 1997 to till date as a DM Post graduate student , as a Tutor , Asst. Professor, Associate Professor and as an Emeritus Professor of Neurology. I have 44 Publications and 48 presentations of my research works in Neurology in my credit. As a DM Post graduate M.A .ALEEM's research work at Madurai Medical College, Madurai (MMC),he has published 11 research papers and it has 23 citations ( . As an Assistant Professor of neurology my research works were accepted by the World Federation of Neurology and I have presented my papers on 1.Seizure related injuries in rural epileptic women from southern India in the World Congress of Neurology (WCN) 2001 London. 2.Iatrogenic Seizures - A clinical study from southern India in WCN 2001 London. 3.Circardian onset of stroke in young rural southern Indian population in WCN 2005 Sydney. 4. Study of psychogenic non epileptic Seizure in southern Indian rural population at WCN 2009 at Bangkok in Thailand. 5.Diffusion MR imaging in status epileptics - Reversibility a study from southern India at WCN 2015 Santiago Chile. I have also presented a paper on " A Study of Seizures in Rural Adolescents in Trichy at 24th WCN 2019 Dubai. My Paper EP0414 " The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Rural Southern Indian Epileptic Patients " is accepted by the WCN 2021 Rome. All this above Presentation are Published in journal of Neurological science in above that years as abstract. My research works was accepted by the International League Against Epilepsy and I have presented the paper on Cerebral calcification and epilepsy in rural population at 25thInternational Epilepsy Congress(IEC) 2003 Lisbon Portugal and a paper on southern Indian study on Iatrogenic seizure in 26th IEC 2005 Paris. Both were published as abstract in that year Epilepsia Journal. I have also presented my neurological research work in IANCON, and Neurocon.I have grant from Government of Tamilnadu state research committee to do the research work on circadian rhythm and stroke in southern Indian rural population for one year in 2004.I am a guide for Neurology research work with EEG & fMRI at Department of instrumentation and control. Engineering at National institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy for PhD scholar from 2013 to 2016.

I am a Life member in IAN a National Body for Neurology since 1999 (L M 431). Served in IAN as a National Executive Committee member (2002 - 2005). I was appointed by IAN as an organising Secretary to conduct the 2010 IANCON for first time in 2nd tier city like Trichy my home town . As per IAN Instruction I have organised a preconference workshop during IANCON 2010 at Trichy. I am also served as a member in the organising committee of IANCON - 2010 Madurai and IANCON 2003 VIZAK and IANCON 2004 Nagpur .I have taken part in all IAN instructed Indian National Brain week activities, world Brain day activities and other Neurological awareness activities.I have contributed articles for the Reviews in Neurology on Myasthenic syndrome and on cerebral malaria in 2000 IANCON, and on Hypertension management in stroke in 2003 IANCON.I have chaired sessions and presented papers in IANCON many times. I have Published two Review articles on epilepsy in elderly and published papers in Annales of Indian academy of Neurology.I have undergone specialised training in Epilepsy as an IAN Sponsored candidate for 3 months at the University College of London Queen's squire Neurology hospital in 2001. IAN helped me to create an award for the Basic science research works with my contribution of Rupees 20 Lakhs to IAN in 2018.I have also served as Tamilnadu Pondicherry Association of Neurologist (TAN)as vice-president,President Elect and as President for the year 2017 -18 and Now I am The past president of TAN.

Prof Dr. Aleem has created and established the department of neurology at KAPV GOVT medical college and MGM GOVT hospital Trichy instrumental in bringing the DM Neurology course . He had also a role in starting the DM Neurology higher specialty Course at Thirunelveli Govt medical college in 2007. He has published 11 books in regional language on Neurology topics to create awareness among people. He is the examiner in the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR medical University. He is the president for Trichy Neuro club if Trichy and the current Secretary for Neurologist association of Tiruchirappalli. He is the founder of NAT at Trichy 2017.He is also instrumental in bringing the International Epilepsy Day by ILAE/IBE in 2015. Prof. Dr. M.A. Aleem is conferred with best teacher doctor award in the field of neurology by the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University in 2012.He had a junior travelling fellowship award from world Federation of Neurology (WFN) to attend WCN 2001 at London. He had congress attendee award from ILAE to attend 25th IEC at Lisbon. He had travelling bursary award from ILAE to attend 6th AOEC at Malaysia in 2006. He had commendation certificate from Trichy District collector for this Neurological Health care services for the year. 2005, 2006, 2014 - 2015, 2015 - 2016, 2016 - 2017. Prof .Dr. Aleem had Republic day Best Doctor award for his contribution to rural Neurological awareness activity from Trichy collector in 2010. He had best administrator award from the Trichy district collect in 2013.He also had Dr. Banumathy Muruganathan award for the excellence in medical publication in Tamil by Tamilnadu Indian Medical Association (IMA) in 2008.He was nominated as an "Epilepsy purple day Ambassador" in 2012 by EANS Newyork.He was nominated as Trichy district welfare fund committee life member by district collector and Trichy DWFC committee from 2017. He is also an advisor to Phd students at NITT Trichy in the Instrumentation Engineering department.Dr Aleem was awarded 1st prize for his suggestions of Trichy SMART CITY by the Tiruchirappalli city Corporation in 2015Dr Aleem was awarded for his Prime Minister Modi ' s SWACHH BHARAT activities by Tiruchirappalli district collector in 2017.He is awarded with KALAM Award for Quality of life improvement by South Zone Board of Continuing Education Ozone on 18.11.2018.He has the research experience of more than 20 years in his carrier.ProfDr.M.A.Aleem has Appointed as Emeritus Professor of Neurology by Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University in 2018.Dr.Aleem is appointed as Trustee to age old Natharvali Dargah by Wakf Board of Government of Tamilnadu India for three years from 2.11.2018. Dr M.A.Aleem the 1st Neurologist appointed as Advisory Committee Member for the Tiruchirappalli International Airport by Airport Authority of India Director Tiruchirappalli International Airport on 10.12.2018.Dr. M.A.Aleem first Neurologist Trichy Tamilnadu is Nominated as" Brand Ambassador" for Swachh Bharat Mission by The Tiruchirappalli City Corporation of Goverment of Tamilnadu India at 70th Republic day on 26.1.2019

Prof Dr.M.A.Aleem 's neurological health care services for the rural poor with development of neurology department, rendered by Dr.M.A.Aleem as Vice Principal HOD& Professor of Neurology worked at K.A.P.Viswanatham Government Medical College and MGM Knows by everybody in this region.

Prof Dr.M.A.Aleem 's neurological care created awareness about neurological illness not only in urban area but also particularly in rural areas in and around Tiruchirppalli. and Central Tamilnadu. By creating this awareness time between the onset of neurological symptoms and seeking of medical help has been drastically reduced in our rural population residing in the central part of Tamil Nadu

Prof Dr.M.A.Aleem 's neurological care and health awareness camps created awareness about neurological illness among the urban as well as rural people. So, the people become aware of seeking medical assistance as soon as they develop neurological problems.

Prof Dr.Aleem's books on neurological health awareness and his research work on neurology are valuable to plan treatment strategies for rural people with neurological disorders.

Prof Dr.M.A.Aleem is regularly conducting health awareness camp besides publishing neurology health awareness books on various neurological problems. He is also doing a lot of neurological research work and whish is very useful to plan treatment strategies for rural poor people with neurological disorders.

Now he is also serving the people and community as a life member in Tiruchirappalli District welfare fund committee under the leadership in Tiruchirappalli District collector as the chairman and Costodian and The Treasurship of Savi Govindarajan along with 10 senior eminent legends of Trichy

Prof.Dr.M.A.Aleem Emeritus Professor of Neurology The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University is going to give a Invited lecture on "Healthy Lifestyle for Youth" at Meet the Medical Expert program organised by the Tiruchirappalli Anna Science Centre Planetarium on 1.3.2019

He is the Great Patron of Tiruchirappalli District central Library from 13.11.2019

Life member of Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN) since 1999. Dr. Aleem has served as National executive member for IAN. He was the organizing secretary for 18th IANCON Trichy in 2010. He was also a joint Organizing secretary for 2000 IANCON at Madurai. Dr. Aleem has contributed articles for the reviews in Neurology released by IAN and he has chaired sessions in IANCON. Awarded Fellow of Indian Academy of Neurology in 2019

Prof Dr. Aleem is a life member of Tamilnadu Pondichery Association of Neurologists (TAN). He has talked and chaired session in TANCON. He has organised TANCON at Trichy in 2017. He was in various post in TAN since 2016. President of Tamilnadu Pondicherry Association of neurologists for me year2017-2018 and he was given the president at TANCON 2018 at courtallam Tamilnadu. He was part president of TAN for year2018-2020.

He is the Life member Neurological Society of India (NSI) since 1999. He was the Organizing committee member for the Neurocon 2006 at Madurai and delivered lecture in Neurcon CME and chaired Sessions in Neurocon. He has served as an executive committee member in NSI and contributed articles for its CME book


Prof Dr. Aleem has created and established the department of neurology at KAPV GOVT medical college and MGM GOVT hospital Trichy. He had a role in starting the DM Neurology higher specialty. Course at Thirunelveli Govt medical college in 2007. He has published11 books in regional language on Neurology topics to create awareness among people. He is the examiner in the Tamilnadu Dr. MGR medical University. He was the Past president for Trichy Neuro club and Secretary for Neurologist association of Tiruchirappalli. He is the founder of NAT at Trichy 2017.He is a also instrumental in bringing the International Epilepsy Day by ILAE/IBE in 2015. He has instituted an award in (IAN ) Indian Academy of Neurology in the name of Neurologist Association of Tamilnadu Pondicherry From 2018.

M.A.Aleem As the Emeritus Professor of Neurology in The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University M.A.Aleem Is to gave an Invited Lecture on "Neurologic perspective in obstetric women" at Neurology CMC organised by The Department of Neurology at Madurai Medical College on 28.2.2019.

As an Emeritus professor of neurology if The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University delivered the Valedictory Address on "EEG Signals" on 23 8.2019 &Distributed Certificates at Faculty Development Programme at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirappalli AICTE MARGDARSHAN of Government of India .

HE is the Life Member of Association in physicians of India (API )since 1986. He is in office of JAPI as National advisory board member in 2002.He has Served as an EC member in Trichy API in 1996-98. He has as served as a Treasure for Trichy API during 2002-2004. He is in the organising committee for 4th state Level API conference at Trichy in 2008 and for CME Programme Organised by API at Trichy in 1994-1995. He is also a fellow of API from 2008.

In TamilNadu Goverment Medical / Medical Education Service :
Prof Dr. Aleem joined as a medical officer in Thuvaran kurichy PHC in 1986. He become Tutor in Neurology at KAPVGMC in 2002and become Assistant Professor in Neurology at KAPVGMC in 2003.Promoted as Associate Professor in Neurology at Tirunelveli Medicalin 2007. Dr. Aleem becomes Professor of Neurology and HOD department of Neurology at Trichy KAPVGMC in 2008. Dr. Aleem have a distinguished administrative service at KAPVGMC in Trichy.

He was served as MCI Nodal officer from 2008-2009 and he has served as a vigilance officer at AGM Govt hospital of KAPVGMC in 2009-2010 and worked as an administrative officer at AGM Govt Hospital of KAPVGMC in 2009-2010. He was a medical superintendent incharge for AGM Govt Hospital Trichy in 2011 and Dean incharge for Trichy KAPVGMC in 2009 . He served as vice Principal of Trichy KAPVGMC from 2010 till 2014. He was retired as vice Principal, HOD Professor of Neurology on 31.12.2014 from KAPVGMC Trichy.

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